Education Guidelines

We want to encourage a love of learning new skills, and so we’ve created these education guidelines for course teaching quality.

Love of Learning! 

The goal of teaching should be for students to gain knowledge, skills and expertise, rather than monetary reward.

Know your stuff

Teachers and tutors need to have experience in the field or skill that they are teaching (ideally 3+ years), and be committed to sharing that skill with others well.

Make everybody welcome

Teachers and organisations should be creating open, inclusive and accessible environments where everyone can learn. This includes accepting students regardless of background, race, sexual orientation, age or gender as well as catering for any students with impairments, long term conditions or learning disabilities as much as possible.

No harm done 

Courses need to take place in a safe, legal environment, and students should be made aware of the safe use of any tools and equipment used during the course or workshop. 

These guidelines are a work in progress and we welcome your polite and honest feedback. To make a suggestion, contribution or report a course, get in touch.

Learn more about best teaching practice in our Teachers Handbook. 

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